We were a young couple who desired to start our own business but more importantly we wanted to have a family. Looking back, how we got into the business is comical: Jim couldn’t find a job using his BA degree in psychology from the University of Denver so he accepted an offer from a friend to teach him how to be a Saab mechanic. The rest is history!

In 1980, after learning the trade, Jim was asked by a co-worker if he wanted to start a partnership and open an independent Saab garage. Meanwhile, on the home front, we were up to daughter number two but wanted to try for number three. The partnership provided a good balance: Jim could begin working toward the goal of owning our own business and I (Brenda) could do what we desired for our family, to stay at home with our children for their first years.Addison Auto History in pictures Jim was in the partnership for two years during which time we had daughter number three. The partner then bought out our share and in 1982 we began our own business, The Saab Shop, specializing in Saab repair and service. Those were the golden years for Saab. No other shops wanted to work on these so called “cult” cars.

Other Milestones:

1986: We added Volvo as a repair brand and changed our name to Swedish Automotive.

1991: We purchased the property we are now located and made plans to relocate. 

1995: With future increase capacity and on advice from others in the industry, we chose to begin working on Honda, Toyota, Subaru, and Nissan. We once again changed our name to Swedish Asian Automotive.

1999: Our facility was completed.

2010: We're excited to expand our facilities and add new major equipment. Our grand re-opening is scheduled for October 2010! 

2014: This year we added a new alignment rack and measuring system along with other major equipment acquisitions to serve you better. Thanks to our valued customers for growing our small business!

2015: Our second paint booth and new prep station has allowed us to speed up our paint departments ability to keep repairs moving in a steady stream.
 2015: Second State Of The Art Paint Booth

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