Auto Service Manager
Chris has worked in the automotive industry for 25 years. Most people would think they knew most of what there is to know after that many years in the industry, not Chris. He's like a curious kid always wanting to absorb more knowledge. Chris is always available to help his technician troubleshoot a difficult problem. Chris is a true leader helping the whole staff function better.


Service Writer
Chuck has a special talent for listening and this is especially helpful when getting to the bottom of what the repair and service expectations are of his customers. Chuck is the kind of person you feel immediately that you can trust and that he will do what he says he will do, and he will. Chuck loves being the Dad of his teenage daughter Anna and we all love seeing his face light up when he talks about her.


Auto Service Technician
Erich is a neat nick. His work area is well organized as are his work habits. It’s easy to have confidence in Erich’s work when you see how careful he is. Erich and his wife love to camp (the RV way of course) and a number of us are planning to pull our rigs together wagon train style this summer in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.


Auto Service Technician
We have been extremely fortunate to have Sam start at Addison as an apprentice, learn on the job from the best, and graduate to a full Technician status. Sam is careful, focused, hardworking, thoughtful, serious, mature, talented, quick to learn, trustworthy, and an overall nice guy. Sam has a real knack for some of the trickier Saab's and Vovlo's that Addison has serviced over the years.


Automotive ASE Master Technician
Todd loves Europeans... not the people, the cars! The more obscure the country or the tougher the name to pronounce, these are Todd's wheelhouse. He has been in the automotive industry since 99 and can handle any make, model, or problem. He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is an Eagle scout. When not spending time with his wife and their 3 dogs he enjoys snowboarding, snow shoeing, ice climbing, hiking, caving, and rappelling.


Automotive ASE Master Technician
Nick has been at Addison for about a year and a half but has spent the last 10 years honing his skills in the industry. Nick studied at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling. He has 3 older sisters which probably explains his attention to detail. In his spare time he enjoys boarding - Snow in the winter and wake in the summer.


Automotive Technician
Peter has gobs of experience and loves to help. Peter focuses mostly on quick oil changes with thorough safety inspections to keep our customers cars well within the manufacturer's recommendations. When he's not doing that, he helps out the body shop and keeps the Addison premise looking good. Peter is also an excellent wheel-man and chances are if you need a ride, Peter will kindly pilot the shuttle. 



Automotive Production Manager


Parts Manager
JJ has done an amazing job keep track of the parts at Addison for over 11 years. The average car has over 30,000 parts, so making sure we order and receive the right parts at the right time is no small undertaking. JJ has over 30 years experience in the automotive field. When he's not finding that bumper to fix your parking lot accident, JJ enjoys off roading and dirt biking in the great Colorado outdoors.


Detailer & Mind Reader Extraordinaire
After 10+ years at Addison, Jose has a sixth sense about what we need around the shop. Before you can ask him to do something he’s either done it or on it. What a great job he does on detailing. After we do repairs we call our customers to make sure their repair was to their satisfaction and more often than not they comment about how clean their car was when they picked it up. Jose’s extremely funny and keeps us laughing. If he gives you a free shuttle to your home or work you’ll experience his lightheartedness first hand.


Auto Body Technician
When Rogelio disassembles a vehicle, he's like a surgeon with a scalpel, except without the blood unless it’s his own. Quick-as-a-wink the vehicle is apart with the inner sheet metal parts removed and the adjoining pieces neatly prepared to weld in the new parts. The end result is a repair that looks like it was never repaired "except no stitches and no scars".


ICAR Platinum Painter
Every company has at least one dedicated jokester, and Chris is ours. He says he's a 15 year old boy trapped in a man's body. Chris always has a new joke either to tell you or to play on you. But make no mistakes Chris is all business when it comes to painting. He has over 40 years experience painting in the Denver area and is renowned in our industry for his skills. Outside of work he has 2 kids and 4 grandkids. He likes fishing, road biking, golfing, and even skydiving!


Achieving color match isn’t easy but Joaquin has an eye for seeing the paint job before it’s done. Joaquin’s high standards, training and experience work together to lay down solid work. He started his career at Lincoln Tech and learned the rest on the job from the best. He enjoys playing hockey, snowboarding, and just plain looking good. Little known fact: Joaquin knows all the words to every Justin Bieber song.


Paint Prep
Guillermo is a long name so we just call him 'G'. G came to us as a star pupil from auto repair school and jumped into his work with both feet. His hunger to learn, his great ability to follow direction, and his incomparable attitude make G a great team player. In his spare time G likes to catch fish with his bare hands and juggle them to the sounds of accordion music.


Leah used to (wo)man the front desk and then stepped into the role of estimator. Leah continues to learn and expand her estimating skills. Leah is patient and kind with her customers and is always ready to help. 


Whats for lunch? That's what Dale likes to ask at 730am. Dale is as skinny as a light pole but likes to eat more than an offensive lineman pregnant with triplets. Even more impressive than his ability to eat is his vast experience. Dales has done just about every job in the body shop from body repairs to writing estimates and managing repairs. Dale is a wealth of knowledge and can be counted on to help anybody and everybody.... especially if they're interested in lunch.   


Giancarlo has more I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference On Auto Collision Repair) training points than any other staffer. He loves to train and learn new aspects or update his knowledge of auto body repair. When you work with Giancarlo his professionalism is evident and his customers are well taken care throughout the repair process. Giancarlo's Columbian heritage is also a great help to our customers who speak Spanish.


Customer Service Representative 
Erin is usually the first and last person our customers speak with and is in control of our bodyshop schedule. Insurance companies are constantly changing their processes and that means Erin must learn new processes to keep up with the ever changing and fast paced front desk. Erin's is a dog lover. She gets excited whenever our guests bring in their dogs so that she gets opportunity to hug these furry creatures.


Auto Body Technician
The right tool for the right job. That's Mike motto. Mike invests heavily on specialized tools and trainings to make himself one of the best in the biz. Even more impressive than his tool collection is his skillset and his knack for being a team player. Mike is a good teacher, thinks of others first, and will drop everything to lend a hand.


Auto Body Technician
Josh is one of the first ones here and almost always the last one out the door. He sees these broken cars as a puzzle and he's one of the best puzzle masters around. There's nothing Josh cant fix, and his organized system helps him stay busy all day, every day. Josh commutes from up north where he enjoys spending time with his family. 



Office Manager
Betty has been with us over ten years. She wins two awards, Ms. Congeniality and Ms. Hospitality. Everyone that calls or walks through our door is given a heartfelt greeting by Betty. Betty knows more about Addison’s than anyone. Both customer and staff rely on Betty.


Operations Manager
Dirk is the Operations Manager here at Addison Auto. No one knows what an operations manager does...least of all Dirk. Jack of all trades master of none. From filling in for vacationing employees to implementing new computer programs, Dirk will (attempt) to do whatever is needed. From service writing and parts ordering, to marketing help and customer outreach, he's willing to lend a hand. He enjoys travel, IPAs, and spending time with his family.

Jim & Brenda 

AAM President & Vice President
Over the last 30+ years, Brenda and Jim have had the privilege of overseeing the repairing of thousands of vehicles. The business started strictly as auto repair and service but when Jim noticed a number of cars with substandard body repair and/or paint work he decided this would be a good service to offer our customers. Now our I-CAR certified auto body repair technicians work alongside our ASE certified master technicians ensuring a superior repair for customers. They both enjoy the Colorado mountains and especially their grand kids.             

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